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Advice from 101 of Yale's most successful enterpreneurs


Knowledge is power.

INSIGHTS grants you access to 101 of Yale’s leading entrepreneurs and their key lessons. From founders of Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, to the next generation of entrepreneurs like Thiel Fellows, to early investors in Apple, Cisco, Facebook, and other billion dollar startups, INSIGHTS is a collection of the best advice offered by a diverse group of leaders and innovators.

100% of profits support young innovators in pursuing STEM skills and careers.

Edited and Produced by Chris LoPresti

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Early Praise

INSIGHTS is a brilliant view into entrepreneurship today. Its first-hand insight from those who are or have been in the trenches paints a picture of what's on the minds of the innovators of our day.


Founder of The Feast & Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business

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Donna Mazzitelli, Polly Letofsky, and team.

Dedicated to publishing award-winning books, we strive to support talented writers and assist them to discover, claim, and refine their own distinct voice. Merry Dissonance Press is the place where collaboration and facilitation of our shared human experiences join together to make a difference in our world.

Zach Harris, Illustrator

Birds & Kings Creative Enterprises is Zach Harris' brainchild and acts as a moniker for his design and film work as well as entrepreneurial projects. He considers himself a bit of an artistic handyman, able to meet any project with intense drive and creativity, and is comfortable wearing a wide array of hats.

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